Follow God is a Chicago-originated, high-quality streetwear brand focused on a particular mission; to spread the message of Following God and not others.
We emphasize hard work and high quality in each individual piece of clothing. Through every exclusive design, we aim to inspire each customer to focus on pleasing God instead of others’ expectations.




God did not create you to be what somebody else wants you to be. God made you to be YOU. If you want to be the best version of yourself, you have to refuse to allow yourself to be defined by others. Only God can define you. That is what we STAND FOR. If you put God first, you will never be last. We trust in the power of God to bring out the best in people and the faith in people to bring out the best in the world.




At Follow God, we are inspired optimists driven by our passion for creativity with the goal of getting people closer to God one day at a time. Since our first clothing drop in September 2020, we have been striving to encourage individuals to avoid pursuing the approval of others through our long journey. Only God is worthy of pursuing. Ultimately, we are firm believers that nothing is impossible.




Our organization has great standards, and we put maximum effort into every single design to ensure that we meet these standards. We don’t settle for average -- we desire to make each piece of clothing unique. Our overall mindset is to touch lives and inspire others. Since its birth, Follow God has multiplied its number of supporters. We are more than just a clothing brand.








So now the choice is in YOUR hands.

Are you going to let others determine your identity and follow other people's expectations?

Or are you going to Follow God?